Car Cubbies

Car Cubbies

Car Cubbies consist of an adjustable rod that is attached to a cargo net with a handy pocket. Using hook-and-loop technology it is designed to be installed in the underutilized area of your trunk, the rear corners. Once installed they create a cubby where you can store larger essentials like jumper cables, a first aid kit, a child's change of clothing, etc. The smaller pocket holds all the things you might forget at home like sunscreen, bug spray, or a small umbrella. This allows you to utilize your main trunk compartment for important things like groceries, luggage, baby strollers, golf bags, and other larger items.

What's included:

2 - Car Cubbies
4 - threaded hooks


Check out our YouTube video for an installation demo:  

1. The threaded hooks will screw directly into your trunk's felt. A drill with a 1/8 bit or smaller is recommended to start the threading but is not necessary. No not overtighten the hooks.

Car cubbies are meant to fit most coupes and sedans. You can adjust car cubbies to accommodate different sized trunks. Simply adjust the rod to the appropriate length. For smaller cars you may need to pull the excess netting and run the rod through one of the slits in the fabric. 

2. Using the Velcro as a height guide drill the hole slightly higher than the rod to accommodate for the bungee cord that will connect to the hook. Hook one side of the rod to get an idea of where to install the 2nd hook. Once you screw in the 2nd hook and slip on the bungee cord you are ready to organize your trunk!

If you ever need to remove Car Cubbies simply unhook then and pull the Velcro away from your trunk's felt.

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